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Orc Stomp 5k

Last weekend we went to GenCon in Indianapolis. Seeing as we'd brought the babe along with us I didn't sign up for many events but I did make sure I registered for the Orc Stomp 5k!

There were actually 2 races over the 4 day weekend, one on Thursday morning and 8am and one on Friday morning at 6am and we registered for the Friday morning one so that the hubby could take part in some other events.
We got up just before 5am, got dressed in the dark and quietly bundled baby girl into her car seat as smoothly as possible to try not to wake her. We raced to the park and found parking with minutes to spare, shifted baby girl to the jogging stroller and signed in...turns out the race didn't kick off until 6:30am so we had plenty of time to stretch and warm up :P

This was my first 5k race with a stroller although I've done a few training runs with the stroller. There was only one other stroller but the lady pushing it hadn't planned on running with her 4month old so it wasn't a proper jogging stroller and she had to stop at the 2mile mark. Apparently her hubbie had woken up just enough to say "take her with you". My hubby ran with us for most of the way which I really appreciated, but I told him to run on ahead for the last half mile (he's training for a half marathon and wants to work on his pace).

It was early but it was lovely to run through the park and watch the sun rise over the city.
My final time was 33m04s which I'm truly thrilled with because it's almost as good as any race I've run without a stroller! Only a minute slower than either of the 5ks I ran in the spring.

Next up I'm going to register for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Virtual Fun Run/Walk http://doctorwho50.wix.com/doctor-who50. Who all else want's to sign up!?


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Aug. 24th, 2013 10:28 pm (UTC)
Impressive time. Were there orcs?
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