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Pumpkins in the Park 5k

I'm getting lazy about writing up my races.
On October 26th I ran the Pumpkins in the Park 5k in Lincoln Park before heading immediately to a Halloween party (thankfully my hubby was able to bring my costume with him and the hosts were happy to loan me the use of their shower :P).

It was a cold day, in the mid 40s, but the sun came out right as I was hitting the 2.5miles mark so that last stretch was super pretty.
There were lots of runners in costume which was fun, but I'd opted not to run in costume as mine involved a corset which are rather tricky to run in ;)

I was rather frustrated with the layout of this run, a bottle neck turn very early on slowing us all down, then another bottle neck at the one mile mark as we were herded under a bridge (in both directions too! It was the 2 mile mark on the return). Otherwise the run was pretty. Lincoln Park is right by the lake and the zoo and the wildlife/nature museum so there was lots of gorgeous scenery.
I paced myself pretty well that I could push it at the end, but I didn't think I'd do better than my Doctor Who Virtual 5k. My final time was 30m07s!! What?! Personal Best!! Woo! Totally surprised myself, but I guess running on a regular basis will show improvements :)

Next up might be a Turkey Trot around Thanksgiving, but even if I don't manage to sign up for one of them I'm registered for my 3rd Santa Hustle in early December.