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Santa Hustle 5k

This was my 3rd year running the Santa Hustle and man was it cold. Seriously. Coldest run I've ever done.
When I left the house to catch the train it was 9F with a real feel of 0F (that's -13C feeling like -17C for those in the UK) . Yikes! It hadn't warmed up much by the time the race started and I think they may have started a few minutes early because it was so cold and they didn't want people standing around longer than they had to.
I knew it was going to be cold and I was rather nervous. I have friend who's new to running ask me what one wears for winter running and I told her what I normally wear for the Hot Chocolate and Santa Hustle's, of course it's normally only in the 30s or 40s, but this was significantly colder so I was a bit stumped.
In the end I wore my usual fitted base layer with a t-shirt over it, then added a warm hoodie and then the long sleeved Santa top over that. I had my warmest hoodie over that for going to and from Soldier Field, warm, but small enough to stuff in my bag for checking. I kept my legwarmers on for the race (normally they get checked in my bag too).
I think it took the first mile for my fingers and toes to thaw out and for me to start feeling comfortable. I had told myself not to push it because I didn't want to be inhaling icy cold air and hurting my lungs, but around the half way point I could feel my knees and hips starting to seize up because I was going too slow (crazy right?!) so I slowly picked up my pace and by the 3mile point I still had enough oompf in me to book it for the last little bit.
Finishing time was 32m59s.
The mile walk back to my friends car was brutal and stole any warmth we'd built up during the run. Hooray for heated seats <3