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So, my husband is training to run his first half marathon (the Chicago Half Marathon in September). He's been slowly increasing his race distance over the past few years (3k, 5k, 8k, 15k) but didn't really want to do much more until his brother convinced him ;) So anyway this week was the beginning of training and today was his 'easy' day: run 2 miles or cross train. I have a 5k next Thursday and as it'll be my daughters 1st birthday I want to try running with her in the stroller. I've only managed to run about half a mile with the stroller so far so this evening I joined my husband for his 2mile run and we went out as a family :)
It was a warm evening here (80F at 6pm) but not too humid and baby girl dozed off on the run! We stopped at the 1mile mark to check she was okay :P

I downloaded a new running app on my phone (mapmyrun, although hubby prefers runkeeper) and it tracked us as running 2.04miles in 23:50 with an average pace of 11:41. I'm really pleased with that! My regular non-stroller running pace is about 10:30ish so I figured I'd be much slower with the stroller. It's surprisingly tricky running with the stroller, I have to slow down for bumps and can't maneuver around other obstacles easily. Plus my stride is set and my arms are stuck in a certain zone (sometimes when i run I like to stretch my arms or shake them out, which is trickier when you're pushing a stroller and one hand is attached by a leash. Still I feel good about tonight's run and am looking forward to next weeks race.

Yet an other "restart" post.

Been off running for almost two years. Thought I'll have to start at the middle at least or something...
Fortunately, all this frenetic cycling I've been doing for those two years seemed to carry over to running after all!
Not bad I think. My legs do hurt though :).


I must have picked the worst possible time to start c25k. I did my first run, then there was torrential rain here for just about 2 weeks straight, then I moved house. So busy, busy, busy.
Not to worry, I got back out there today, but I hate to say it wasn't the best experience today. I was having trouble with the app and couldn't hear the prompts very well, I completely missed the first running prompt, which meant the first spot I had to run at ended up being a big hill :/ By the time I finished I was pretty wheezy and wishing that I had taken my puffer with me.
Still, I don't want to give up. I know not every run is perfect, but I'm hoping my next one will be better.


I did the 20 minute run!!! With no stopping!!! AND with no pains or aches. Together with the brisk walking at the beginning and end of the run, it worked out at just about 3.7km... Quite an amazing achievement for me. Thank you all for the great tips in the comments to my previous post... they really did make a difference.

Roll on week 6!

Week 5 starting on Sunday

Hi all,

I'm happy to say that, last night, I did the last run of week 4! It's getting tougher now, and I wasn't feeling very well during the first two runs of week 4 (overheating, a bit of a pain in my left foot, tired and 'heavy' right calf) but I persevered and last night was much, much better.

I'm quite proud of myself for sticking with it and getting to week 5 which, according to many accounts, is the game-changer in the programme. We shall see! Any tips for what is coming?

P.S. Thanks for your kind comments and answering my running socks question in the previous post - I did end up buying them and my feet feel very comfortable indeed ;)c

C25K - Week 1, Day 1

Hi everyone,
So today was my very first day of the couch to 5k program and I have to admit it was quite tough. The area where I live is quite hilly, so that didn't really help. I have actually been meaning to start for a few weeks now, but kept making excuses, so I'm proud of myself for finally taking the first steps out the door. I was really nervous about running outside, knowing that it wouldn't take long before I was huffing and puffing, but once I was out there it was great.
I waited to start on a day that I had off from work, thinking it would be good because I could go at any time.. I ended up going around lunchtime, not such a good idea. Even though it's coming in to winter here, it's still quite warm in the sun, especially if you're running around. Nevermind, I got through it.
Can't wait for my next run!


So this past Thursday I took a line drive to the side of my right knee. It's really not that bad...I think the softball bounced before it hit me, so that slowed it down a bit. I've been keeping ice on it, and keeping it elevated. However, this afternoon will be my first day back to running since the injury, and I'm a little nervous. So...prayers/thoughts/advice would be appreciated. The swelling has gone down a lot, and I have pretty good range of motion, but I am getting random twinges of pain that don't seem to be consistent with any particular kind of movement.

Still going

Happy Monday everyone!

A quick post to say that I'm still alive and still running! I had a conversation with my GP after which I decided to progress to week 3 runs now. The first one was yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised; I thought it would be extremely hard but actually I could finish it quite easily (that doesn't mean that my face wasn't a fetching shade of radish afterwards for about an hour. Of course it was.)

I thought it would probably be a good idea to work on my core strength, which at the moment is low to non-existent. I used to have really strong stomach muscles - not sure when the terrible transformation happened! If anyone has workout tips, particularly regarding exercises with a fitness ball, I would be SO grateful to hear them.

Oh, and one more thing - would you recommend getting running socks?:)

Next race

Well, there's nothing like reading all your c25k progress to get me to sign up for my next race :)
I just registered for the Run for the Kids 5k on July 18th. It's an evening race (6:30pm start) and is actually on my daughter's first birthday so I'm considering running with her in the stroller :)
I've never run with the stroller and I'm not sure if I'll manage to get any stroller training in before hand so... I think I'll play it by ear though and if she's not seeming up for it (6:30pm is right around dinner time for her and she could be cranky) I'll leave her with the hubby and see them at the finish line.

I'd like to get another race in before then, it is 6 weeks away after all, but I'll take what I can get :)

Oh! I forgot! The hubby and I also signed up for one of the 5k races at GenCon this August. That one starts at 6am (yikes).

Run number two - done!

As I said yesterday, last night was the night of my second run. It went well, actually, though it was harder than before - possibly because I set the treadmill on the 1 degree incline, as advised somewhere online... I do my brisk walk at somewhere about 5.5kph to 6.4kph, and then run at 7.5kph if I feel like I can - if I don't, I slow down to maybe 7.2kph. Not sure how this compares to others (and, to be honest, not sure if there is any POINT in comparisons!), but it feels just fine.

All in all, it wasn't unbearable by any stretch, so I'll continue with that setting, I think.

It's funny how I'm already thinking what I could do when I finish C25K ;) I catch myself planning to improve my speed, or running on a larger incline, or adding sprints from time to time. I need to remind myself to stop thinking ahead and just concentrate on running 90 seconds at a time, and the rest will probably follow.

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