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Good morning! I am new to the C25k community but it's wonderful to see so many others going through the same things as me :)
First a quick intro about me: I'm 35 (well, 36 in 2 days) & I live in Chicago with my husband. I've never done any running before. I've done the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer 2 years now (walking 39.3miles in 2 days), but running is a whole different ball game! My brother started running 3 yrs ago and has already completed 3 marathons! I'm so proud of him and it has inspired me to push myself. At this point I just want to be able to run 1 mile without crippling myself or throwing up :P

My hubby and I started C25k training programs 6 weeks ago, but have both fallen behind. He gets busy at work and is too exhausted when he gets home or (like now) has to go away on business for most of a week. I just need to do each week twice before I push on to the next challenge.

So we are both on Week 3 right now. Last Friday (Aug12th) I completed w3d3 but it was so painful during the last 3minute running session that I decided to redo it this week. It's been 4 days since that last run and I just re-did w3d1. I ran/walked 1.41miles today and I feel so wheezy it's pathetic. I might have to do week 3 for a 3rd time before I move on to week 4 :(

A few weeks ago it was disgustingly hot here in Chicago and I was having to get out the door by 6am to do my training before it got too hot/humid. Now it's cooled down a bit but I still like to to get the running over with early in the day. It helps that I'm currently unemployed so I have a bit more flexibility in my schedule than the boy.

do you all use phone apps or just a stop watch or what? I am using RunDouble for the Android which is pretty good. I need to get an arm strap for it though as currently I have to shove it in my sports bra! :P

I just met one of our neighbours and she says she's been a runner since high school, so maybe when I get a bit further along I'll see if she wants to go for a run together.

Now it's time for a hot shower and a nice glass of chocolate milk :)
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